Business Restructuring

For a company in financial distress, a timely and reliable professional advice can help it lead into stronger and healthier financial future.

At MJFC, our team of Chartered Accountants and finance professionals can help you significantly to improve your business performance.

Starting from the credit management problems and cash flow issues, strategy and market position to capital growth shareholder issues, and succession planning, our experts will identify the keys to improvement in your business performance. Our full range of reconstruction services will help you get into the bright picture. Contact MJFC now to gift your business a new lease of life!

Business Corporatisation

Every visionary leader - one may be a top executive of a company, an owner of a small business or an entrepreneur aiming to take his business to new heights, needs access to a timely, accurate and strategic insights to achieve the same. Simply put, they all need an experienced Consultant with a shared vision who brings in an innovative and strategic insights that help business gain a momentum towards a set goal.

At MJFC, we specialise in Business Development. We combine the 'Top line' and 'Bottom line' approaches to devise a strategy that transcends the situational need.

We serve a wide array of business from large national companies to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. We know the price of the opportunity and it's value; hence, we have kept our pricing flexible. In addition, the payment options are based upon market opportunity, financial state of the company and magnitude of the consulting project. We are your partners in progress. We help you at every step to strike a fine balance between your short-term objectives with your long-term vision.

We offer flexible consulting project options that include:

We carry out a comprehensive and in-depth cost-effectiveness study of your company to identify strategies for both - generating increased revenue and eliminating profit drains. We also assist you in implementing these strategies to make your operations cost effective.

We help you sail through the turbulent business environment by becoming an active member of your management team for a specified period. This may be in the form of taking an interim management position, an advisory role to a senior executive, a retainer that includes scheduled periodic review and strategy sessions, or serving as a member of your Board of Directors or Management Advisory Committee.

We enable you in the process, to decide the course of your actions through low-cost, high-value, comprehensive Business Checklists. The checklists can be supplemented with periodic guidance to ensure maximum results.