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  • MAHALAXMI JEWELLERS was founded in 1991, and was set up with the vision to come out as the leading institution in the light weight design jewellery, Gold coins and bullions & precious metals in India. Over the past 19 years the company has grown to its leadership position in the field of manufacture and marketing of light weight Gold & Diamond jewellery, coins and bullion.
  • We offer a wide range of 24 kt, 23 kt, 22kt, 18kt, 14kt & 9 kt jewellery that suits all budgets. Be it the Marriage ceremonies, Daily wear, Formal wear or Investment with a first salary. We are pioneers in India to introduce the light weight daily wear jewellery with the options of 14kt & 9kt Gold jewellery which suits all pockets.
  • Investment in Gold & Diamonds has been an age old custom related to an auspicious beginning of savings or for a long term investment. We offer wide range of online purchase & long-term monthly saving options for all needs of our dear customers.
  • We continually strive to meet and fulfill our customers’ high demands. Our strength lay in our people and in our continuing investments in future-oriented, environment-friendly manufacturing facilities which are well suited to accommodate small and large orders. We pride ourselves in being one of the most customer-focused companies.


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We welcome our Investors for their input to achieve maximum benefit through our multiple interest options catered in different streams for diversity of financial goals.

MJFC is committed to the principle of responsible sourcing by establishing processes to prevent use of our organization in anti-money laundering operation. Ensuring that minerals originating from notified regions that are mined to benefit armed groups to finance conflict‚ are not used in its products. This includes illegal financial support got by armed groups through the extraction, transport, trade or export of mineral.

Our endeavor is to ensure that the actors in the supply chain do not involve in human rights abuse. Implementing a comprehensive management system that encompasses strict risk based due diligence before entering into new commercial relationships as well as continuous monitoring of transactions on a risk based approach. Suspending or discontinuing engagement with any counterparty where a reasonable risk is identified to indicate that they have sourced gold from, or linked to, any party committing serious abuses as defined above.

Further MJFC is committed to support measures to create a Gold Supply chain from mines to market that will be responsible, secure, transparent and verifiable by establishing long-term relationships with precious metals suppliers and customers.

Our Ethics and style of business is the base of our service & longevity. This in return gives an assured diversified return to our channel partners and gives us continuous investment.

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